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representing Roots And Culture Reggae and Dub Music in the U.K. to the fullest
ROOTS HITEK is Record Label, Producer (Dub Realms Studio) and Sound System Selector,

Record label established in 1997 has recorded and released music from Artists like
Yami Bolo, Prince Malachi, Barbra Naps, Errol Bellot, Tenastelin ,Aqua Livi, Barry Issacs, Murray Man, Ras McBean, Ramon Judah G.Vibes, Christine Miller, Sister Nya Azania, LIDJ Xylon, Colour Red (Clive Hylton ),Tony Roots, UK Principal, Sista Rasheda Lioness Fonts, Bobo Blackstar and others with material available on 7 inch /10inch /12inch records and CDs available from online reggae shops and distributors worldwide as well as digital format directly from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and other download platforms, or direct mail order from Roots Hitek via our website , [email protected]
Started a home Audio workstation in 2007 after certain turbulent times in personal circumstances, which has evolved into THE DUB REALMS STUDIO from where 90% of products on the label are conceived and completed, it keeps growing from strength to strength.

As a Sound System Selecta/DJ Roots Hitek has been requested at venues all over the UK and Europe since 1999 with uplifting hardcore roots, reggae, dub vibrations.
This journey has taken us  through UK venues in Brighton, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth, Manchester, Cardiff, Aberystwyth and other venues in Wales etc, in Dub Club Venues and Festivals, and abroad with Tours in Germany, France and  Italy as well as being frequently booked for  one off shows in Belgium, Sweden ,Holland , Austria , Czech Republic and in Ghana ,and other  locations. look out for the Roots Hitek Showcase featuring Selecta and Artists in your vicinity, Last few years have seen Roots Hitek as a regular fixture at European Festivals like Dub Camp Festival, France, the New and Promising CliffTop Reggae Festival in Wales and also stints at the Organic Irie Vibes Festival in Belgium among others.

Roots Hitek also has a Residency at CLUB ROOTS UNDERGROUND (twice monthly Thursdays) which has run from Orleans Nightclub, Finsbury park since 2004, the Longest Running Midweek Roots and Dub Club Night in London.

Future works to come from this label include full studio albums from some of the cream of the crop Roots Reggae Artists and musicians from UK ,Europe ,Jamaica, Africa  etc,  like HORNSMAN COYOTE, FAR EAST, TENASTELIN, KRIS I, IDREN NATURAL, NATALIA (Lioness Den), PRINCE LIV-I-JAH, G. VIBES, PRINCIPAL, RAS MCBEAN, RAMON JUDAH, PRINCESS LINN, LIDJ XYLON and many more. As well as Staying relevant to today’s fast-selling Vinyl Singles market, stay tuned. Our latest music releases are CDs by FAR EAST (melodica), ERROL BELLOT, HORNSMAN COYOTE, LIONESS FONTS and the legendary TENASTELIN in LP showcase style vocals with matching dubs. And New Roots Hitek Produced Dub Realms Series of Albums, which starts off with DUB REALMS vol 1 featuring Natalia with much more to come.

in July 2015 Roots Hitek Joined Eastern vibration on UK Raw Radio, to spearhead the UK DUBSTORY , Europe .and the beat goes, In this 3rd year of broadcasting the Realest Authentic Dub Roots Reggae, to our worldwide listeners from as far out as South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Israel, USA coast to coast and all over Europe. The UKDUBSTORY is an ongoing story, catch us live each and every Sunday 10pm-12 midnight and beyond.

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