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Jonny Marks, aka Jonny M

I was a latecomer to the Dj scene and only started Djing when I was 25.

I was always into the art of mixing and used to be a regular listener to the likes of Don Fm..

My first record I bought was from D-Vinyl records In Uxbridge where I was also booked for my first gig through them at fin bars in Uxbridge.

Within a couple of months, I had a set of 1210s and was heavily into mixing and buying records every week.

My first set was alongside The late MC Sparks who asked me for a CD after because he loved my mixing.

I then went to the radio scene where I was on Freeze Fm for 10 years with my Saturday Seduction show…

I have always played different genres together and basically, play what a want as long as there bangers.

I played on Shine Fm, Jive Fm to name a few.

Since then I have played for Garage Nation, Garage Fever, best of British, Obscene and many more playing at Ministry of Sound, Coronet, Pascha, and a few festivals too.

I was voted 2nd in best newcomer Dj at the Music 4 U awards.

I gave up for 8 years and returned after missing mixing and the scene 2 years ago.

My current show on Uk Raw is on a Thursday 4-6pm drive time with ‘the STRICTLY BANGERS show’ playing Garage, House old and new and occasionally a bit of Jungle and Hardcore…

Just Strictly Bangers!!!

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