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Starting at the very beginning in the late 90’s (1997 / 1998) began an ever growing passion for the genre of house & garage music !

Back then as an aspiring Dj the obsession started to form . Frequenting all the now legendary record shops hunting for the beloved gems, and focusing on obtaining all the rare and hard to find classics I treasure today !

I became familiar with Big Apple records , DNR vinyl , Slammin  vinyl , Swag records , City sounds and Pure vibes to name a few !!!

As a Dj I have always been massively drawn in by UK house and Garage and all its past and present influences !

For the past 20 plus years I have found myself mixing and listening to nothing else…… I have found the scene as a whole and where it has taken me hugely addictive , and love the nostalgia and unique sound that you really only find with UK underground Garage !!!

As I’ve followed my path it has led me to secure many different Club residencies , radio programmes , live streams and bookings in various places around the world !

This now leads me to my new position as one of the newest members

You can catch me alongside my partner in crime Mr Sims with our weekly uk underground  house & garage programme ( THE BEATS & PIECES SHOW )

Welcome along to the programme !!!

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