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DJ Buz aka Dj Obsession.


As a young lad, I always had an ear for music, I was taught the piano and brass instruments.

When growing up, I was influenced by my dad’s love of it. From Motorhead to Ska, the neighbours were always banging on the walls, Apparently, three bangs is a call for the RELOAD!

Around 88-89 while attending a local youth club, one of the “Older chaps” used to bring mix tapes down of Acid House, and this caught my ear!

I was then hooked and was introduced to Smart Boys 101.2. That was it, I found my love!

As I grew, my love for the music grew too, and I and my mates started to venture out to local under 18’s raves. This was my freedom, my release! Walton Hop and Frazzles… Memories.

As the years progressed I loved the scene and the music more and more. I met people that will always be a part of me. Then 92 hit!! Wow, this was the year that will never be beaten for the music and rave scene. I went to parties, raves and clubs that will never be topped. I then started to mess about with decks and vinyl. 93 came and I found my love for buying vinyl. I found my passion, I even gave up fishing, I was hooked.

Then came the hard raving, 93-94 were also the quality years of my life for raving and music. Then in 95, I got my 1210’s, say no more…

The radio scene was booming and I wanted to be a part of it! DJ Obsession was born! And Mission was the station!

Since then I have played on many, Zone, Pressure, Kane and Logic to name a few. Then my life changed, family/children were my life, 10-year break.

Skip to 2014… Uk Raw Radio was born, And so was DJ Buz.

History in the making…



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