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Old Skool DJ's

Old Skool DJ’s

Luke Dennison:
Started DJing at 16 y/o. Headed to tenerife in 89 to live and learn to mix peofessionally, learnt at busbys & then went on to play at paradise lost, adding cactus park raves to his ventures. Came back to London landed a residency at bagleys, played at clubs such legends, camden palace, 321 club, heaven, the fridge and more, during which time shot to ibiza, also pacha in spain. From there bought a record shop and named it Nu trax city. Began being managed by “most wanted djs” which helped him play to enormous crowds in canada. Played at scotlands infamous ‘blue’ and headed to south Africa to DJ. A few Promoters he played for include twisted, black & white, mud club, klass, peach amongst many others. Genres were house from 89 until 97, then hard trance 97 onwards.

Mike Scully:
Was lucky enough to be 18 years old in 1988. The music captured him, buying records was a must for him. He soon bounced straight into Djing, his first party was on The River Thames. He went on to play at clubs such as Dungeons on Lea Bridge road, Belugas, Tudor rose, and he gained a resedency at 321 club, quiver and enjoy. He played for Promoters, SweetSensation, black & white and klass are just a few of them. His talents led him to radio where he had to the opportunity to play on Obsession Radio back in 1990. He played at Cafe mambo in Ibiza and even gained a residency at La Santanera in Cancun, Mexico. 30 years down the road he is proud to be apart of oldskooldjs.

Jason halsey:
At a young age he developed a passion for music. He played at many clubs, the famous ministry of sound, the cross, Gass, legends, stringfellows, driz, Copa cabanas and club azur are just a few to mention. He played along side his fellow oldskooldj, Luke Dennison for a few years where they smashed the club scene. Jason is a very respected disc jockey. And used his talents in allot of warehouse raves. Hr is happy to be part of the oldskooldjs team.

Old Skool DJ’s started with a page created by luke Dennison to Share memories of good music. This gave him the idea to dust off his decks and scan through his ellaborate vinyl collection. He started to do live feeds, so people could enjoy his era of music. He decided to bring aboard two djs he admired. Firstly Jason h and then not long after dj mike scully. To add to the page, a group was created so other people who shared their passion could post their own love for music. Also an Instagram The trio in oldsschool djs cast back catalogue with their listeners and are now on a mission to bring back the feeling of old school music. They are happy to be joining the team at UKRAW LONDON.


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