MC Kane




MC Kane

I started as an MC in 1996 and was influenced by HipHop Rap but thought House, Garage, and UKG was banging just as well. The first radio station I join was Ice Fm in 1997 then the rest is history.
Also promoted my own events Like Pressure 99 and Sunday Flavas with help from KRK.
I have performed Sweet Baby live on Rapture TV and at UKGarage festival. The first tune I vocal for RD producer and my Brother Malachi feature me Sharky P,Nia Malachi mix Sweet Baby did get sign to Champion Record remix by Steven Immanuel.
the latest track produced by RD I’m Runnin feature Lexi & MC Kane +99db & Martin Carr  Another Night (Impact Remix feat MC Kane ) plenty more tracks on the way.
I’m part of Movement Kru also MCs with Woody and Risky which I’ve known for about two years great combination for UKG&BASS


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