Just James




Just James

If you can identify Just James by one thing its the finely selected deep, soulful and underground house  music he plays.

Just James started mixing at the young age of 14. It all started on a pair of Soundlab DLP1’s until his mum brought him a set of Technics 1210s at the age of 15 .

Since then Just James has developed a passion and love for house music making mixes and sets that give you that feel good vibe .

He is infectious and the beats seep from his skin. You know exactly what your going to get and thats upfront selected  House music.

Thanks to influences from his older sister and her group of friends partying hard, James is that 90s House and Garage groove. Pirate radio and Sun City Tape packs shaped his musical outlook.

From a young age he held aspirations of building and developing his own studio which he has now done and also making his own music.

Just James has a real passion for house music so don’t forget catch him Sundays 12-2pm GMT where he showcases the latest House, Deep House and Soulful House bringing you up to date fresh music every week .


Just James


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