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jay walk

Jay WaLk

is a cross breed DJ hailing from West London. He has been collecting and selecting for over a decade & has demonstrated his talent via a handful of radio stations. He was first attracted to collecting and mixing music during the birth of the Grime music era 2001/2002. He enjoyed music produced by early grime producers along with creators of Bingo beats, 4 x 4, sublow & darker garage by producers such as El B, Horse Power Productions, DJ Narrows, Oris Jay & many more.

Mc’s he used to listen to throughout this stone age were Roll Deep Crew, Special Delivery, Heartless Crew, SLK, Meridian, Boyz In Da Hood, Ruff Squad & also, many more. He was inspired by Dj’s such as EZ, Slimzee, Zinc, Spyro, Plasticman, Todd Edwards, Mak 10, Logan Sama, Spooky, DJ Tubby & again, many more. The first tracks he actually mixed was a dark but electric grime instrumental by ‘Plasticman’5 called ‘Cha’ with a grime vocal by an artist Called ‘Tempa T’ called ‘Next Hype’. His first radio experience was an internet radio station called ‘Urban FM TV’ in 2010. He was introduced to this platform by a friend who knew the management. On this station, he was joined by groups of Mc’s from all over West London, including management and here is where his experience in selecting began.

His first live FM radio appearance was on a station called ‘Image FM’ in 2011. He was introduced to this platform by Mc Loopz who at the time, had a weekly slot on Saturday with different Dj’s covering 4 – 6 pm on a busy Saturday afternoon. Jay WaLk became a resident in a matter of weeks and evolved into a solo radio host/entertainer. The story continues and endures for years whereby he was acknowledged by many established artists in the UKG & Grime scene.

During these years he maintained a small scale business of entertaining local venues with sound and visual entertainment and invited local Dj’s and Mc’s to join these ventures. This aspect of the music industry was a key point to learning & mastering the ability to control crowds of diversity. Jay WaLk has been b2b on and off air with 100’s of Dj’s and mc’s & has an extensive backlog of recorded sets to exhibit this. Over the years, he has played out at a number of live clubs across West London and a small number of venues further out.

Venues include; Fire in Vauxhall, Euphorium in Acton, Bar Inc in Acton, Bar 113 in Hounslow, Somehere on NYE 2009 in Kings Cross, Chertsey Town Hall, and 10’s of unrecorded & vaguely remembered pubs & bars.

Playing out has not been the highlight of his music industry experience. It has been the people met along the way & the satisfaction earned from entertaining. Other radio stations along the journey include; Urban FMTV, Reaction, and Ice Cold Radio. He also demonstrated some versatile hosting abilities with Drum & Bass Dj’s On Origin FM. He currently maintains a weekly show on UK Raw Radio which he rotates with fellow DJ Hitman. They cover Thursday’s 8-10pm. Alongside them, both is the versatile Mc Loopz.

When Jay WaLk & Loopz are together they go by the stage name of ‘Dubble Trubble’.

There are regular guests Dj’s and Mc’s passing through their shows and are excited to do so.

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