Guffy Gusto




Guffy Gusto has been born & raised in London UK & is an underground music DJ/MC/Producer. With a very strong background of the eclectic underground network, Guffy’s style is heavily influenced by the UK’s underground scene variating from genres such as Dnb, House, Dub, Garage, Grime, Step, Ragga & Hip Hop.
Starting out as a Drum n Bass/Jungle MC back in 1994, Guffy networked across London & the UK over the years playing at many different events, clubs & pirate radio stations. He later went on to start producing his own music which led to him Djing & hosting his own shows across UK & Europe.

Guffy Gusto delivers you Mondays Drive Time House music experience on UK Raw Radio. Playing you a variety of Deep, Tech, Minimal House music his show is sure to have you dancing around wherever you may be. Come join the Drive Time Show on the world’s leading underground music station UK Raw Radio.


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