DJ Playa



DJ Playa


Old Skool & style Jungle-Drum n Bass-Hardcore
West London

At a young age I started building up a vinyl collection buying electro and hip hop. A few years on and I was proper soaked up in the vinyl culture, spending most weekends hitting record shops both local and in the West End. It was soon after I started raving in 1991 that I got my first turntables, fell in love with mixing and everything else the rave scene had to offer.

I played loads of local parties until I got my first proper booking in 1995 for an event called HEAT at Ministry of Sound. It was a Jungle event and I was on first set in the main room. Big learning curve! It didn’t go as well as planed, but I loved it still. Lol – they had me back for their other 2 events though.

It wasn’t until the Garage scene blew up a couple of years later that I stared playing out more often, playing a lot of old Skool Hardcore/Jungle at small London venues or room 2 at Garage events.

It was in 1999 that I started BEST of BRITISH along with co-founder R Type. With its unique concept of celebrating all British born rave genres and artists under one roof it soon became a major player on the scene. During that time we held events in London, Bristol and Bremen, Germany in venues such as Bagleys, Stratford Rex, Lighthouse, Ocean, Tivoli and Aladdin. This lead to more bookings and I was lucky enough to play at a lot of events and venues at the time such as Drumatics, One Nation and Epidemik to name a few. My 4 years spent Promoting BEST of BRITISH gave me lots of opportunities to spread the word by playing guest shows on most of the London pirate stations at the time inc Kool, Origin, Rude awakening and Pyro whilst holding down my own weekly Drum n Bass show, first on Life fm, then Flex fm and finally Freeze fm with mc’s Jonny Banton, BD and then mc Will.

Now many years later I’ve been enjoying doing radio again buying new music and mixing it up with the original stuff. There’s lots of Jungle and DnB coming

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