dj md


I got my first set of dex when I was 19 and started mixing garage. DJ MD then discovered drum & bass and jungle raves which led me to putting on my own successful jungle night promotion “Dub Biznis” where I booked some of the pioneers of the industry with the likes of funky flirt and Harry Shotta to mention a few along with playing and promoting at NSTP (Never stop the party) warehouse raves. (Loved them days, sort of nights you see a dog running round at 9am on the dance floor). Lately playing sets in pubs and clubs and a regular on another station. I play a bit of house n garage but my love is for Ragga Jungle & Drum n Bass.

Got the name DJ MD from a website me and my brother started up for music sharing for dj’s called Monkey Devil until Napster came along and ruined my chance of being a dot com millionaire.

Favourite Dj gotta be Mampi Swift back in the day.
Favourite MC Stormin / Skibadee

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