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Dj Highlife

Dj Highlife

I was lucky enough to have grown up when hip hop , acid house , hip house was dominating the music scene . I instantly fell in love with this music and my path into dj’ing begun . It took me into the world of rave , from partying in warehouses to big open fields . I fell in love with this music . I remember Troublesome Records opening up in Surbiton High St and running down there straight after school to spend all my money on many many records.
By the age of 15 I was doing regular shows on Faze Fm and Mash Fm , I was also putting on as many house parties as I possibly could.
I put things on hold as family and work took over and after nearly 9 years out the game I needed and wanted to get back and start dj`ing again , I got a set on Scream London and instantly fell back in love with the scene , soon after I was putting on regular oldskool nites in El Papi`s in Epsom , The Library Club and The Cricketers in Kingston..
But radio is what I love and over the following years I got to play on many stations including Raze ,Mash Fm ,Nu-Perception Radio ,UrbanBeatz ,Pressure ,Logic ,Passion Fm ,Flight, Dream , Origin & Kool London
I have been very fortunate and privileged to play along side the likes of Nicky Blackmarket , Dj Monk , Dj Faydz , Dj Randall and Shut Up And Dance

I joined UkRaw London pretty much from the start and Im very proud and honored to be a part of Londons Leading , you can catch me bi weekly Sunday evening’s 6-8pm playing you the very best in oldskool ..


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