I’m proud to be a relatively recent member of the team at Uk Raw. Having played several guest mixes on DJ BUZ’s Friday night show I managed to get a slot on Saturday night 6-8pm. Drum and Bass music has been a part of my life for the past 20 years and used to regularly attend the likes of Bagleys, The End and the odd underground rave.
A selection of my good friends, some of who are now big in the industry, and myself used to always be mixing together, doing a couple of London-based radio stations, private events and going to clubs week in week out. I had a break from the scene when I had a kid and now is my time to get right back in the saddle with Uk Raw London, playing upfront d and b and covering a full spectrum of styles and eras. Get locked into BOSHY every Saturday bringing the beats to your ears each and every week.

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